The Best Leaders Are Never Even Noticed

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Lao Tzu, an ancient philosopher stated that the best leaders are the ones that people don’t know exist.

The result of a leader who’s hand is light is that the people who work under them can say at the end of the day that they are the ones who produced such results or accomplished such a goal.

Empowering employees is the sign of a truly effective leader and here are several simple way to empower the people who work under you so that at the end of the day, their accomplishments are what bring them back another day with fire in their hearts and pride for their work.

  • Give every team member the skills they need to make the company a success.
  • Credit the team with success, not your leadership.
  • Trust the training you provided and allow for mistakes.
  • Include your team in the decision making process, collaboration breeds responsibility.
  • Honor the suggestions and listen to the concerns of the team.

This style of leadership does not mean a releasing of responsibilities or a lack of presence; it is quite the opposite, in fact.

Leading through empowerment takes self-discipline on the part of the leader, it requires better communication and more attention to the needs of your team. Acting as a catalyst for success these types of leaders gain validations for the team, realizing that what is good for the company is good for them.


4 thoughts on “The Best Leaders Are Never Even Noticed

  1. Thank you for sharing your perspective and forwarding this article. True leadership is to empower others for the greater good. Hence, the recognition may not manifest in outward opportunities immediately but, rest assured someone takes notice.

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